“There are millions of patients with immune-mediated diseases. Any success we have intercepting or preventing just one would spare the suffering of thousands.”

Francisco Leon, MD, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer, Co-Founder, Provention Bio

about us

Corporate Overview

Provention Bio, Inc. is leading the development of novel therapies with the potential to transform the treatment paradigm for autoimmune diseases. By focusing on preventing or intercepting the disease process, we strive to improve patient outcomes and reduce the escalating costs associated with chronic autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.

This bold vision guides our strategy. We are leveraging our deep understanding of immune-mediated pathophysiology and drug development experience to build and advance a diversified portfolio of advanced clinical-stage and pre commercial-stage candidates that intercept, prevent or delay the progression of debilitating, life-impacting, and life-threatening diseases such as type 1 diabetes, celiac disease, and lupus.

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